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Stress and anxiety

"When I started my reflexology sessions I wasn't sure what to expect and, if I'm honest, was a little sceptical as to what the benefits could be. However, you made me feel very relaxed, so much so that I fell asleep on several occasions. I certainly felt the benefits of taking that hour out of my day; I slept better at night and was left feeling calm, ready and able to face the challenges ahead. I would certainly recommend you to anyone seeking an alternative type of treatment. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and will definitely be back for more in the future, thank you."

"Shan has a particularly intuitive touch and is an excellent Reflexologist. The whole experience is wonderful for stress relief and I feel it has really helped my body to cope better with stress and hormonal changes. The room is wonderfully relaxing and I love the heated couch. As soon as you leave, you are looking forward to the next session."

"I saw Shan for a course of reflexology as I was experiencing a stressful time. Shan has a wonderfully friendly & calm manner, which immediately put me at ease. Her expertise enabled her to quickly pinpoint and alleviate specific issues. The sessions really helped me feel relaxed, calm and sleep better."

"I just wanted to email because from the day I had my appointment with you I've felt so much better. I'm not sure if its just coincidental but my bowel trouble and pain cleared up and I've not had trouble with it since. Thank you!"

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Conception & maternity
"I wasn't quite sure what to expect from reflexology but had read all the benefits as we started to investigate the options for IVF and what we could do alongside to support the process.

Since meeting Shan we instantly felt relaxed and welcomed. Her understanding of what we were about to embark on and how as a reflexologist she could support this was invaluable.

Both my husband and I benefited hugely from taking time out during that hour of treatment to reset ourselves, making us feel calm and ready to embrace and navigate through the next stages of the IVF process. When our first round failed it was tough but Shan helped us focus up on the next round and I'm pleased to say we are now 31 weeks pregnant and believe that we wouldn't be where we are now if it wasn't for all the appointments with Shan supporting the body whilst going through treatment. Thank you, we can't recommend you enough. "
GB & MB - Conception

"Dear Shân
Thank you for the opportunity of the reflexology sessions. It was so lovely to have a relaxing hour weekly in the lead up to our IVF.

We're really pleased to let you know it worked and we're about 8 weeks along with twins! I'm sure the sessions equipped my body well."

JC - Conception

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Children's reflexology
"My daughter had always struggled to sleep through, waking numerous times a night extremely distressed and we could never work out why. At 6 years old we'd had very few full nights sleep, she seemed anxious and unable to relax and switch off. We made several attempts at various sleep training methods, all of which were very stressful for everyone and failed miserably. After her initial treatment by Shan she was noticeably relaxed. Three treatments later and she has gone from never sleeping through to sleeping at least 5 nights each week. The improvement in all our lives is amazing. I would highly recommend Shan, she is wonderful with children and my daughter really enjoyed her treatments".
CB - sleep and anxiety

"I found Shan to be a great teacher. A calm relaxed environment was given. Shan made the sessions really enjoyable. My daughter had lots of input and plenty of toys for when she got bored. Shan always made me feel very welcome. I have learnt a lot and have found the sessions incredibly helpful and easy to implement. I can't recommend this class enough. Thank you.".
HP - The Children's Reflexology Programme

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General well-being
"Hi Shan, just to say thank you for the wonderful accupressure facial, I wasn't sure what to expect! It was incredibly relaxing and I liked the mixture of scalp/arm/face plus my skin was glowing afterwards. Looking forward to the next one!"

"I have been having reflexology with Shan for over a year now and after every visit I feel amazing. She has helped me to tackle my PMT and it has improved dramatically. Shan also helped me with grieving when I lost a member of my family. She managed to just take the edge of the sadness that I felt all the time and made my grieving process more bearable.

On my last visit, I wanted to address my water retention issues which make me feel heavy and sluggish. Shan focused on this during the session and the next day I felt so much lighter and brighter. During my visits, we have also worked on my energy levels and I have noticed a real improvement.

I am so happy that I found Shan who, every time, is helping me with my well-being. I would be lost without her. She is so kind and helpful and after leaving her I feel like I am walking on clouds”.


"We have been benefiting from our wonderful reflexology treatments with Shan that are so relaxing, nurturing and restorative. Shan detected an imbalance in my gallbladder long before I complained about my discomfort to my GP. My GP then sent me for an ultrasound test, that confirmed my gallstones. Shan has now noticed an imbalance in my small intestine and I have noticed pain on pressure so I will be seeing my GP again shortly to investigate further. We always leave Shan feeling far better than when we arrive! We would highly recommend Shan's reflexology treatments to ease the pressures of modern living".

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