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Reiki. Reiki

What is Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing technique which has its origins in Japan. It is a gentle and tranquil full body treatment. You receive this treatment fully clothed, either lying on a couch, reclining in a chair or even seated.

Depending on your preference, it can be given using hands on or off the body and works on improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Reiki can help to release mental and emotional stress as well as alleviate pain and tense muscles. To receive a treatment is to take time out to stop, rest and recalibrate on a level that harmonises mind, body and spirit. The frequency and vibration of the energy allows the mind to slow down and relax, promoting deep relaxation and a calm peaceful sense of wellbeing. At times when we are struggling to find a clear path or to focus and make decisions and choices, reiki can help to clear the way giving you greater clarity of thought.

How you feel during a reiki treatment is entirely personal but most will say it is deeply relaxing. Some will find emotions come to the surface and are released, others will feel warmth and serentity. However, you do not have to feel anything at all and the reiki will still be working its magic.

Whilst a one off treatment is a wonderful treat, if you want to really tackle underlying issues it is best to commit to a few regular sessions.

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