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Reflexology for Children

Children respond particularly well to reflexology as they are so open and receptive. When children are brought to me for 1-1 sessions, I usually recommend that we start with a shorter treatment of half an hour, particularly with younger treatment as they can get bored easily. Children who struggle to sleep or suffer with anxiety can often see an almost immediate improvement.

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The Children's Reflexology Programme

The Children's Reflexology Programme is a simple, informal course taught in six, one hour sessions, spread over six weeks and includes comprehensive notes and a copy of the book, 'The Mouse's House'. It is designed to empower parents to be able to offer their children a non-invasive complementary therapy at home at any time of the day or night. We all know how powerless we feel when a child is unwell or distressed and we don't know what to do to help them. These days we don't all want to reach for the medicine cabinet as our first port of call. This gentle therapy offers families a valuable relief from that feeling of helplessness.

The course is specially designed for you and your child to learn reflexology techniques so that you can provide your children with relief when they are suffering with common childhood illnesses/problems such as:-

  • Sleep issues;
  • Colic, teething and migraine;
  • Reflux;
  • Tantrums;
  • Coughs and colds;
  • Ear ache;
  • Digestive issues;
  • Allergies;
  • Pre and post immunisation;
  • Fear and insecurity/anxiety.

    This fun-filled course is based on the successful book,'The Mouse's House'. I teach this innovative programme using rhyme, story telling and beautiful illustrations to engage both you and your child, making it easy to learn and remember the techniques.

    Courses are tailored depending on the age of the child and are taught using fun songs and stories to engage both you and your child. Courses are suitable for very young babies through to toddlers and finally for Mums with children of school age.

    Currently I am only running this on a 1-1 basis but would be happy to run a course for a group of you so please do call me and ask. For course price click here.

    To find out more or to book, please contact me using the details on my home page or on the contacts page.



I really want to do the course but I'm worried my child won't stay still for an hour - does that matter?
There is no expectation that the child should stay still for a whole hour. They can play, cry, have a nappy change, feed, whatever they need - I try to make it as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible for everyone. You may be surprised however, how often they relax and enjoy having their feet touched and either joining in or listening to our singing! If your child really doesn't want to participate I have some little sponge feet that you can practise on so you won't miss out.

Can I feed and change my baby during the session?

Can I do the course with a group of friends?
Currently I am only running this course on a 1-1 basis but do give me a call and I am more than happy to discuss doing a group course.

Can I do the course on a 1-1 basis?
Yes - it does cost a bit more to do it this way but I have done a few 1-1s and really love my weekly sessions with mum and baby.

When do the courses run?
Courses can be arranged to suit you however I am limited to weekdays during school hours.

My baby has specific issues that I'm concerned about and I wonder if reflexology would help?
Reflexology is a very gentle but powerful therapy so it is likely that whatever the issue is, it will be beneficial but please give me a call and we can talk about it. Click here for my telephone number.

I would love to do this course but am not sure I can commit to 6 sessions, can the courses be shorter?
I am flexible and will try to accommodate whatever suits you best, just give me a call or send me a message and we can work it out.

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